Восточные подушки в интерьерном дизайне

Home textiles will add to any interior a touch of sophistication and coziness. Decorative pillows in the Oriental style give a special chic and charm to interior design in any direction. So they are often used for interior decoration in various style. Noble textures such as velvet, tapestry, lace suitable for aristocratic interiors in Baroque, Empire, art Nouveau, shabby chic, and delicate ikat, cotton, silk will fit perfectly in the Mediterranean, rustic, eco, fashion style. Contrast high-tech, dynamic urban or expressive avant-garde decorate cushions of various shapes and colors of leather, jacquard, knitted fabric.

Восточные подушки в интерьерном дизайне

Decorative pillows for sofas

How to add comfort and impressive luxury in the interior, respecting the harmonious balance of space? Use practical elements. Cushions in Oriental style bring to life the comfort and beauty, different variety of shapes, patterns, textures and decorative elements: lace, fringe, embroidery, tassels, etc., which gives them a special appeal. Decorative pillows for sofa for living room or office, you should choose in harmony with the overall interior design sofa itself. Colors and textures are selected based on the functionality of the room. In the bedroom or nursery, you should use neutral colors and soft textures, natural motifs, to match the sofa.

Bright stylized ornaments use plain sofas for living rooms and hallways. Correctly combine geometric patterns — stripes with squares, wavy lines with a straight.

Items East are always bright, vibrant colors, extraordinary tenderness and warmth. Choose products individually for each room or zoning is quite simple. Focus on your feelings in the first place, but don’t neglect the help of experts.

Восточные подушки в интерьерном дизайне

The size and shape of the pillows also affect the creation of a certain atmosphere. Large square cushion is appropriate for large rooms, they make the space more cozy and warm. Round cushions perfect for small rooms, slightly visually expanding the space and smoothing the corners, and a rectangular look spectacular urban interiors with an incorrect geometry, giving a certain symmetry to the space.

Pillow cushions for decoration

Among the classic decorative elements in Oriental style, a special spice that is also practical, and beautiful. Use them in interior design for different purposes, or zoning. This technique will help functionally and visually divide the room into specific zones.
Cushions cushions can be used for floor and furniture with equal efficiency. They are ideal for a dining area in an Oriental style relaxation areas and relaxation and also for business office and living room in open style. Eclectic modern fashion trends holds a leading position. However, the mixture of styles has to be precisely designed and accurately adjusted. Oils are perhaps the only element of the decor, which effectively accents and in any case will not hurt, will not look ridiculous and spoil the whole picture.

Восточные подушки в интерьерном дизайне

Ikat — Eastern pillows

A traditional Eastern technique of Ikat is a unique ornament on the fabric caused by special technology. A striking feature of these ornaments is the lack of clear contours. Such fabrics are expensive and incredibly attractive, and their popularity is increasing more and more around the world. Luxury Oriental pillow, ikat is used for placement of color accents in interior design. It is desirable to have the room a few elements in the Ikat style, the pillow did not look too fancy on the General background.

Technique Ikat is used in a variety of styles of interior design and in rare instances, to tie the color palette together. In this case, the ornament should be present all the colors involved in the interior, and the cushion located in the center of the composition on the chairs, the sofa or on the floor.

PS: the Skillful use of decorative pillows can dramatically transform the interior of any style quickly, easily and with little financial investment.