Orbakaite dared to publish the provocative photo

Орбакайте рискнула опубликовать провокационное фото
46-year-old singer stripped down for fans.

Kristina Orbakaite

Photo: @orbakaite_k Instagram Christina Aguilera

New picture Christina Aguilera stands out in festive news feeds of social networks. While colleagues of the actress posing for photographers in bright costumes around Christmas trees, my daughter Alla in the New year’s eve is sad. In his microblog she shared her pensive mood, posting a portrait from her dressing room after the concert in the round “Insomnia”.

The scantily clad Orbakaite called Frank and even provocative. “That’s the case when growing more beautiful”, “Very beautiful, mysterious, amazing!”, “What is fatigue in the eyes,” “do not know in what form yet to take a picture. Where is modesty?”, “Such provocations is not for you. We love you other”, “Frankly… too much. Grandchildren will soon be why to undress in front of people?” write the fans of Christina.

In General, Christine clearly failed to attract the attention of Internet users. By the way, along with the publication, she congratulated its subscribers a happy New year. “Let the New Year will bring us the fulfillment of our desires and the most daring ideas! And doubt and frustration will remain in the past! Happiness to all of you and your families!” wished Christina fans.

By the way, this approaching new year holidays Orbakaite will hold in the mountains with his family. It is much more like a beach kind of holiday, but this year, for my girl agreed to a compromise.