Опра Уинфри не помогает больному отцу

Edition RadarOnline reported, citing sources close to the presenter and media Mogul Oprah Winfrey that she almost left her 83-year-old weak and sick father to die. Supposedly heartless Oprah refused from his father, preferring to spend time with your friends and earn millions. Confirms the words of the insiders and the Vernon Winfrey. In an exclusive interview with an elderly man complains. his successful and famous daughter talks to him only twice a year.

This is striking: earning millions every day, the ORP cannot allocate twenty minutes a day to call my dad and ask how he’s doing.
“We talk on the phone twice a year – it’s my birthday. The conversation does not last more than twenty minutes,” said Vernon. All friends of an elderly man has died, leaving him alone. Now he only watches TV at his home in Nashville, Tenn.
A veteran of the Korean war, Vernon almost lost the hearing, and all life suffers from wounds to the legs. A few years ago he suffered a stroke and is still feeling its complications. Friends of an elderly man indignant – he had to sell even a wristwatch, to somehow improve their well-being. And this despite the fact that his daughter daily earning hundreds of thousands of dollars.
“Oprah can solve all his problems, paying his salary for the day, but it does nothing to help the father. Very sad to see that Vernon lives in conditions close to the poor. He is a proud man, and struggling to stay afloat. To ask money from his daughter, he will not, but she would have to guess. Oprah lives in a huge mansion, she throws a lot of money, so that the grass outside her house remained green, but can’t help to a loved one” says the insider.