Опра Уинфри не может и дня без любимого соуса!

Favorite hot sauce Oprah just became a bestseller on one of the popular sites and her fans can’t stop buying it. Oprah told me to “put it all” and “give it all”.
In case you missed it, Oprah has released its long-awaited list of “favorite things” last week. Holiday guide filled 79 products ranging from technology to beauty to stylish gifts.
The best part of the list (besides the fact that all the elements in it is amazing because Oprah said so) and out of all the treats there is one item fans bought the most limited edition perfect for tea gatherings hot sauce.

Опра Уинфри не может и дня без любимого соуса!
Truff, which is considered a luxury brand hot sauces, made a name for itself since launch in 2017. Made with a special blend of red chili peppers, black truffles, agave nectar and spice, original spicy sauce with a black truffle has hundreds of rave reviews and was featured on the favorite things of Oprah in 2018. This year the brand has created a limited edition bottle, formulated with white truffle and coriander.
Since its debut in the Oprah 2019 sauce not only became the best selling hot sauce in the world, but its overall the best-selling sauce.

Опра Уинфри не может и дня без любимого соуса!
“What can I say? The packaging is cool, spicy sauce-just gorgeous! I’m waiting for the release of black truffle, but this limited edition with white truffle a little sweet, a little exotic and every bit just as good,” says Oprah in the December issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. — Spread it on everything. Give it to everyone.”

And customers who already tried the new sauce, saying that the price tag is worth it.
“I put it on pasta, meat, vegetables, eggs, popcorn. Virtually any savory dish you want to spice. The taste is incredible
be sure to buy again,” wrote one buyer.

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