Opened unknown details of the past Yevgeny Mironov

Открылись неизвестные подробности прошлого Евгения Миронова Today, the head of the State theatre of Nations celebrates its 50th anniversary. “StarHit” figured out why the artist had to cheat and how he solved the problems. Teacher of Russian language and literature, which in the first time taught to Yevgeny Mironov, shared memories of the childhood and adolescence of celebrity.

      Открылись неизвестные подробности прошлого Евгения Миронова

      Today, 29 November, Mironov is 50 years old. He spent his childhood in the village of Tatishchevo, 30 km from Saratov. Jack grew up in a simple family – mom worked, dad as a driver. To son mastered the “bread” of the profession, he was sent to a music school. “You’re going to play at weddings accordion”, – told the parents. But little Jack dreamed of the stage.

      “I’m from the cradle dreamed of becoming an actor, confessed Mironov in an interview. – Younger sister Oksana wrote plays and staged mini-plays…”

      It’s not mine…

      Acting antics Mironov has repeatedly brought the teachers to tears. “I will never forget what play Zhenya played at the graduation examination in Russian, – says the “StarHit” Lyudmila Dmitrievna Maltsev, teacher of Russian language and literature. He put out a ticket, sat at the Desk, was something to write… after some time, see Mironov in his pocket looks. I realized that there crib and he withdraws. Me thrown into a fever, because in the back row sat the Chairman of the selection Committee Galina. If you see, and get Zhenya and me! He sits, oblivious, “dives” into his pocket and scribbling something on a sheet of paper. Translate eyes on Galina Danilovna, a sly smile and squint understand that it is Zhenya declassified.

      Ten minutes later he moved over to me and started to respond on the ticket. Told everything very smoothly, we with Galina Danilovna listened to it… And at the end she says: “All this, of course, well, Yes, but I saw that you were cheating. What to say in your defense?” Here it was necessary to see the face Genis – he blushed, choking, and then grabbed his head and theatre, with feeling said: “Ah, how could you think that? It’s not mine! I planted it!”

      We looked at each other with the Chairman of the Commission, and laughed literally to tears. Galina gave him four and jokingly-said: “Jack, there’s your lesson for life! We forgive you for the deception, but not all are good.” This case was a one – Mironov was a good student. His mother Tamara Petrovna has always followed the progress Genis and his sister Oksana”.

      I write to you!

      Открылись неизвестные подробности прошлого Евгения Миронова

      But good students Mironov was, like all boys, distracted, spun, laughing. “Eugene has always smoothed over the conflict, – continues Maltsev. If someone tried to bully, could take the bully aside to talk for a few minutes – and the dispute is settled. Mironov was fond of philosophical literature, loved poetry, especially the works of Pushkin, Lermontov… When he went to the blackboard and read them by heart with expression, correct intonation, it became clear that he skips a verse, and not just recite for the sake of evaluation.

      “Cute, all the time on stage, so the girls loved him, stretched, wrote and tossed in the briefcase. But it was all in the study, therefore, only smiled politely in response – saying thank you for your attention. Even handle with no one to go”.
      Открылись неизвестные подробности прошлого Евгения Миронова

      The actor still communicates with the teacher. “Jack wrote me text messages, happy holidays wishes, – tells Maltsev. – I sometimes film with his participation on the TV will look and write: “Thank you for your talent and professionalism! Happiness and success!” and he says to me: “Thank you, darling!”

      Last met in September, I was in Volsk, on the Festival of theatres of small towns, Eugene is also there. We talked, remembered old days… you Know that he still maintains relationships with classmates – a few years ago they even organized a meeting of old friends took the initiative and called them up, invited. Last year our school turned 50 years old. I called my Wife a month before the celebration, asked, whether. He said, “What you have not said? He would know, come up with something, and now nothing is going on tour…” And then I found out that he gave the school a huge interactive installation with projector, now in the auditorium students movies”.

      But those childhood friends with whom Mironov long time no talks, I often remember it. “The other day I met two friends at the time. One of her friends joked that if I knew how far Jack will go, clung to him, not released, – says Marina Bad that in the early 70s lived with the Mironov family in a stairwell. – I was friends with her before he left to Saratov. Children from around the house was like one big family. In free lessons, drama club and muzykalki time Eugene spent in the yard in the summer playing “cops and robbers”, “the sea worries time”, “edible-inedible”, catch in winter, skating and skiing. In General, I was an ordinary child, only about the theater is really wanted. And, as it turned out, not in vain…”