Opened tricked Alla Pugacheva in indignation

Раскрытый обман привел Аллу Пугачеву в негодование
The singer spoke about the “ugly” act of the organizers.

Alla Pugacheva


Alla Pugacheva declared not so long ago — her spectacular comeback in the next few years should not wait. It will, of course, from time to time to participate in various performances, solo concerts but the Diva is not scheduled.

However, recently the Diva was interested to learn that she, contrary to her statements, after all, the concert was held. Alla was apprised of the situation, and after “put in place” the organizers, who have resorted to little tricks to attract the attention of viewers.

“Another setup! Why declare “the Concert of Alla Pugacheva” if I sing only a few songs in the final concert. A disgrace!” — commented Alla. Incidentally, according to 68-year-old Diva, she is back on the big stage, but this will not happen before the 70-year anniversary.

By the way, not so long ago in the Network were vigorously discussed the financial position of prima Donna. She, as it turned out, jokingly, complained on a small pension. It became known later that in fact with the money in the family Pugacheva all is well. The husband of the singer Maxim Galkin said that earning enough money which is enough and his wife and two children — Harry and Lisa. Showman also refused the parent capital is put to Alla Borisovne.