Открылись неожиданные факты биографии малыша, униженного медсестрой Hector’s mother not allowed to take the child home. The guardianship put a number of requirements, without which the boy will not return. Anna Vorobyeva intends to fight for the heir and seek punishment for the negligent employee of the hospital.
Открылись неожиданные факты биографии малыша, униженного медсестрой

Recently, the Network got the video on which the voice-over cruel name-calling two boys. As it turned out, the kid’s name is Hector, and the Department clinic he is the reason for its withdrawal from the family. The record immediately gained public resonance – Internet users wondered how a nurse could handle a baby. Indifferent some even expressed a desire to adopt a baby. The boy is subjected to humiliation nurses want to adopt

True, and mother to Hector – Anna Vorobyeva, who has two children, seeing the mockery of a son, wrote a statement to the police. According to her, to return the child home, the parent needs to fulfill a number of conditions.

“They said I should zakodirovatsia, get a job, with no one to swear never to make trouble, to be at home with the kids and to be on the positive side,” says Anna.
Открылись неожиданные факты биографии малыша, униженного медсестрой

Vorobyov believes that his son has taken away arbitrarily. In an interview, she revealed that the police called her neighbor, with whom for a long time women have a strained relationship. As it turned out, after another conflict between them was a fight and the enemy called in “02”. The authorities after verification of seized mother of four is the middle daughter.

“Took a first, Sofia said that I was severely beaten. And wrote a statement that I allegedly beat up her child. Although I don’t beat her never. She had a bump on his forehead is big, because my son is the youngest slapped her cap on the head two times. She already howled. But what was I supposed to do? He still does not understand anything else,” – says Vorobyev.

After questioning law enforcement without the presence of the mother of the girl agreed that the beatings inflicted by the parent. The woman believes that it is the people in the form of so influenced the words of the successor. Now Sonia is the father, who, according to some, working in the MOE. A two-year-old Hector, taken from single mothers, still lives in the infectious disease Department of the Sakhalin hospital. About this, Anna told the TV channel “360”.

In addition, according to some information, the negligent nurse Svetlana Parchaikina disappeared after dismissal at own will. Now her quest is engaged in the investigative Committee. Users of the social network still can’t accept any messages associated with a brutal history. In one of the reviews said concerned about another negligence former employee of the clinic allegedly due to her carelessness once killed a kid who had a volvulus.