Open each other Home

Откроем друг другу Родину My new contest could be called like this: “I, you, he, she – along the whole country.”
Откроем друг другу Родину

As you read this issue of “StarHit”, we will meet with a team of winners “on vacation with Andrei Malakhov 2017”. I remember a few years ago, before the financial crisis, as many as thirty finalists appeared in Moscow, and the first day of the final stage we went on a tour of the city. Our cheerful and motley crew (the then age of the finalists was from 25 to 75) immediately attracted the attention of passers-by. One of them, put in the Twitter photo, he wrote: “At the Bolshoi theatre saw in the rain a group of absolutely happy people. Jealous of their mood…”

Откроем друг другу Родину

The Metropolitan early morning last week. Ten of our freshly baked winners emerge with suitcases from the hotel to go to the airport, and also it starts raining. But with the bright smiles of the bad weather no one notices. Where we left – still a secret (don’t want to jinx it, because the path is very long). I can only say that it is absolutely Paradise. Where hundreds of kilometers of beaches with Golden sand and never cold. Where banana groves and evergreen tropical forests, waterfalls and mountain ranges…

And while you envy the lucky ones – hope, envy, – all the hurry and happy to report that you also have the opportunity to go on a free trip.

Откроем друг другу Родину

Dear friends! Our many readers can be found everywhere, almost like in the song “from Moscow to the suburbs”.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “StarHit” together with the Multimedia Art Museum Director Olga Sviblova declares a large-scale photo contest “Window to Russia”.


We write the word with a capital homeland, called it home, proud of her scales, admiring the architecture of cities and the diversity of nature. But the number of places we have visited, can often be counted on the fingers. We are a little travel in his native land. Of course, to visit every corner of our vast country is almost impossible, but thanks to the photo contest “StarHit” we want to make Russia closer to open it for each other. To see the postcard, but a genuine, intimate, real. We want to introduce the geography of the places where were born those who create the magazine, and a small home of our readers – those who every week seeking a meeting with a new number.

Откроем друг другу Родину

Open your window in their home town or village. Share with us unforgettable emotions. Show friends, dear to the heart of the place, the people around you since childhood.

To participate in the contest, you have from October 2 to November 10, 2017 to send fotoretseptia of their homeland in the mail [email protected] or upload to the website Adding hashtags #ANORESSIA and #СТАРХИТ10, you can also upload your pictures in social networks.

AMONG the PRIZES: photo tours to the most beautiful places of our country, master classes by famous Russian photographers, passes in the Multimedia Art Museum, tickets for a trip to Russia, as well as a unique opportunity to make a star shoot for the magazine “StarHit”!

Tell us about the photo contest friends. Show us your home, make it clearer and closer.

Откроем друг другу Родину