Oops! Rumor has it that Beyonce has increased buttocks

Упс! Поговаривают, что Бейонсе увеличивала ягодицы

In the Western media now only and conversations that about the curves of a Hollywood star. Rumor has it that the popular singer really resorted to the help of plastic surgeons.

Figure Beyonce always discussed: big Breasts, slim waist and hips – singer in the world considering the standard of beauty. However, a star often loses weight, it gets better, but curvy has always been the hallmark of the singer.

But recently there appeared information that turns out to be a delicious star shape is not natural data, and the work of plastic surgeons!

Упс! Поговаривают, что Бейонсе увеличивала ягодицы


“Bi has nice forms, but she was not always like this,” – said the insider portal MediaTakeOut. However, no evidence have no source, but it offers a look at early photographs of the stars now.

Indeed, buttocks Beyonce in 2006, looked high on 46-th size, but after that, the singer is very much better. The singer then lost weight, then fat my whole career. One star lost 30 pounds, and it is that and gained 15.

Representatives for the stars have not commented on these rumors, and Beyonce herself admitted once that strongly against surgery. It may well be that the star itself was suprisedly lush ass.

By the way, when the singer a few weeks got rid of 10 kilograms, the audience started to throw the idol of questions: how is it?

Beyonce not only dieted, but have invented their own. For example, the lemonade diet, the principle of which is one and a half liters of a specially prepared beverage and… everything.

While the public discusses the buttocks star, she finds with her husband. Recently it became known that one of the most beautiful and influential couples of America commemorative wedding gets rid of tattoos. Roman numeral IV sexy R’n’b singer and the rapper struck on the ring finger back in 2008. This figure for a couple a long time was magical. But, first, their wedding took place on April 4, in addition, Beyonce was born September 4 and Jay-Z – 4 Oct.

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