Oops, I did it again: Лозу требуют запретить из-за высказываний о малозначимости Юрия Гагарина

The language of Yuri Vines, as the famous saying goes, the last time was his enemy. Practically every public appearance by the musician then widely discussed in the media and Internet space, and, every time the negative side.

Recently, singer of the hit “the Raft” was talking about the incompetence of musical groups on a world scale, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Now Yuri undertook to criticize a man (and his namesake), who forever inscribed his name in the history, Yuri Gagarin.

According to Vines, Gagarin did nothing for the development of the space industry and conquest of space by man.

“You know what it is. Gagarin was the first. Gagarin did not do anything, he was lying,” said Vine.

Words and bezdeystvuete of the first cosmonaut of the planet plunged the public into shock, and the most enterprising, decided to act contrary to a jury and created a petition, which demands to “ban the creative and concert activity of Yuri Vines as insulting the feelings of the people.”

“In recent years, the composer Yuri Loza allows a narrow-minded and harsh statements, discrediting the honor and dignity of the majority of musicians of international renown and reputation, questioning the professionalism of these people. Because of his statements, in musical communities are already starting disputes for reasons relating to aesthetics and personal taste preferences!“, — reads the message, which was addressed to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

The authors of the petition believe that the Vine should be banned public appearances and speeches because they promote hatred and spread false ideas.

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