Упс! 58-летняя Мелани Гриффит сверкнула грудью

The actress missed the mark with the outfit, appearing on one of the social events in a completely transparent dress with no underwear.

It seems that the “bare” fashion for all ages! Now provocative dresses are not only 20 – and 30-year-old, but older lady. Melanie Griffith, for example, was exposed on one of the social events and seems to have been quite happy with my toilet.

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58-year-old star of the movie “Business woman” and mother of Dakota Johnson appeared on Hallmark Channel Summer 2016 in a black Gothic dress from designer Barbara Casasola. All anything, but the outfit is almost completely bare body of the actress. From the complete failure of Griffith was saved by the lace Thong that covered some strategically important parts of the body. But the breast star was completely naked. However, it is worth to give ex-wife of Antonio Banderas’s due to the age of 60 her bust looks great!

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