Только раз в году: что подарили Орбакайте на 45-летие

The picture that birthday Christina Aguilera drew Harry and Lisa, Pugachev gave daughter only a few days later.

His birthday Kristina Orbakaite noted last week, 25 may. But some details of the celebration became known only now.

First, the concept of the party. In February of this year, the singer first visited the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” in Los Angeles and got so inspired by what he saw that even then decided to organize her birthday in the same style. So almost all the men were in tuxedos and ladies in evening dresses. The hall was decorated with her favorite colors of the birthday girl – belymi irises. Their famous designer Yulia Shakirova, which was engaged in registration of the party, counted five thousand pieces!

Typically, the evening opened with a toast Alla Pugacheva, but this time Kristina decided to break family tradition. She performed her new song “You’re mine” and then introduced the guests and told them about different stories. Son, Nikita, for example, she described how the Amateur group selfie. And about Pugachev said: “the Last time mom on my birthdays utters the same phrase that I was the only diamond in her life. I want to note that this is a couple of years as not. And I am happy for her”.

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Christina was referring to his brother and sister Lisa and Harry. And we come to the second point, which is always interesting, gifts.

Brother and sister drew the birthday girl a gift, but Alla Borisovna admitted that he had forgotten it in the car, so Christine got a picture only a few days later. Her husband Mikhail Zemtsov, gave the wife the tickets to the show in new York, the couple Stroganovyh – dress-shirt, and other guests – summer bags that Christina really wanted, and diamonds, and dad Mikolas, ORBacus gave my daughter a pendant with amber.

“Christine since childhood liked to collect amber, walking along the shore of the Baltic sea, – said the father of the singer’s guests. — Fun fact: mushrooms are not liked to go, but amber adored. Once found a very large stone the size of a child’s fist. Where he hurts – I don’t know, lost over the years. But now keep getting it for my daughter’s birthday, amber”.

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