Только для «своих»! Первые подробности закрытой свадебной вечеринки принца Гарри
Duchess Megan became the host of special jewelry.

Только для «своих»! Первые подробности закрытой свадебной вечеринки принца Гарри

Prince Harry with the Duchess Megan


Yesterday in Windsor on a large scale hosted the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After the official part: of the wedding and reception for 1000 people at the Cathedral of St. George’s Chapel, the couple rested a bit and went to a party organized by the groom’s father — Prince Charles’s country residence of British royalty — Frogmore house.

Только для «своих»! Первые подробности закрытой свадебной вечеринки принца Гарри

Frogmore house

Private party Prince Harry and I went in a blue convertible of the Jaguar brand. Informal to continue the celebration of the wedding the Duchess Megan, by the way, changed the outfit. If to the altar, she went for a simple outfit from Givenchy, convertible happy bride jumped already in a dress from Stella McCartney.

It should be noted that the finger newly the wife of Prince Harry after the wedding came a magnificent ring encrusted with aquamarine, which previously belonged to Princess Diana. The second her favorite jewelry — a sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds worn by the Duchess Catherine, the wife of Prince William.

Только для «своих»! Первые подробности закрытой свадебной вечеринки принца Гарри

The ring of the Duchess of Sussex, previously owned by lady Diana


The details of the party leaked to the media while that’s not much, but some reporters have found out so far. For example, the fact that the reception was attended by just 200 people. Among them was attended by Hollywood friends couples: Priyanka Chopra, Victoria and David Beckham, Serena Williams, and George Clooney with wife Amal. The latter, incidentally, was in an awkward position before the reception.

Near the entrance to the territory of Frogmore house couple Clooney has been arrested by the police, who within 10 minutes was not passed Hollywood actor to the party. The misunderstanding was eventually settled and Clooney still came to the wedding party, but the bad feeling from what happened the couple obviously remained.

Только для «своих»! Первые подробности закрытой свадебной вечеринки принца Гарри

Slippers at the wedding party of Prince Harry

Photo: Social networks

Funny thing was that the guests were given at the party… Slippers. This idea, according to British media reports, belonged to the Duchess Megan, who knows how much feet get tired from nights spent in high heels.

Wedding cake, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram

Special attention deserve the wedding cake, Prince Harry and the Duchess Megan cut in the presence of family and friends. On cooking it took 200 lemons of Amalfi, 500 organic eggs from Suffolk (County in the East of England), 20 pounds of butter, flour and sugar, as well as 10 bottles of elderflower syrup.

At the end of the celebration, and ended it later in the morning, in honor of the wedding of Harry in the sky was launched with colorful fireworks. The noisy part of the presentation was recorded on video by the inhabitants of Windsor.

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