Online store had to withdraw from sale a Halloween costume “Kim Kardashian during a robbery”

Онлайн магазину пришлось изъять из продаж костюм для Хэллоуина «Ким Кардашьян во время ограбления»

Recently we told you about supermodel Heidi Klum, who on his page on the social network has announced that on Halloween she will probably transform into Kim Kardashian. At least, this was the costume that Klum tried on for a future occasion.

Heidi was not the only person with an original fantasy. Company manufacturing clothing Costumeish on its official website has offered their customers to purchase costume “Kim Kardashian” on all saints Day. Here only it was a costume not just a big booty and open neckline. For $ 70, anyone could become the wife of Kanye West during a recent robbery in France.

Suit called “the Goddess of American glamour,” consisted of a Bathrobe, gag, ring, wig, big glasses and ropes.

Unfortunately for the company, the suit had to withdraw from the sale because of numerous user complaints.

The fact that fans of Kim and even those people who belong to it negatively or neutrally, that was considered extremely ugly and even cruel to mock a man who has experienced such horror.

The company’s founder, Johnathon weeks, said that the response was so emphatic that the company was forced to remove the content last night.

Note that even though the costume was withdrawn from sale, detractors can use the idea and still like to dress up in a “robbery victim” in Halloween.

By the way, Kardashian has decided to sue the edition, which wrote that the robbery was staged to attract attention to himself.