Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Biography and personal life of Onegin (in his family preferred to call Gena) were bright and vivid. Married the famous poet was 4 times. First wife Gadzhikasimova Onegin – Valery Begutov joined with him in marriage shortly after he returned to civilian life, having served before that 4 years in the Navy. During the service, Onegin managed to send my future wife, about 800 letters.

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Onegin Gadzhikasimov

Onegin’s second marriage was short-lived. In the memories of the niece mentioned just that the second wife was the daughter of a General, other details unknown. Third wife Onegin Gadzhikasimov known as the daughter of conductor Karamysheva (obviously we are talking about Karamyshev, Boris Pavlovich, who was one of the sponsors Onegin).

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Onegin and Tatiana Gadzhikasimov Gadzhikasimova

On the recent marriage of the famous poet and his personal life in this period known a bit more, but not much. Tatiana Gadzhikasimova – the last wife of Eugene Onegin. Their marriage lasted 14 years, after which the poet suddenly broke all family ties, was baptized, and went out of the world into a monastery. Onegin was baptized by the name of Oleg, he was trying to hide from all of his former fame.

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Hieromonk Simon (Gadzhikasimov)

Children Onegin Gadzhikasimov

Own children, the poet had two. One was born in the first marriage, the second in the third. Both named after my grandfather – Yusif. The family, however, the first name was Michael, the second after the breakup of his third marriage, known as Andrei Mironov (his mother changed her last name). Michael Onegin maintained permanent relationships, about Andrew information.

Talking about his personal life Onegin Gadzhikasimov surprisingly little is known. It is believed that at the end of his career author, he fell into disgrace, and the information about it carefully erased, starting with the subtitle, and ending with films and payroll.

Brief biography of the family Gadzhikasimova

Onegin Yusuf (Yusuf) Gadzhikasimov (Haji-Kasimov) was born in Baku in 1937, Quad Jun. Onegin Gadzhikasimov family belonged to the hereditary noble family.

The father Yusif Bey was born in 1892. He graduated from the Moscow law University (perhaps this refers to the faculty of the Moscow University). Later he worked in the NKVD in the Department of logistics, fighting with economic crimes. Mother Martaban Khanum was born in 1905-m to year. She managed to become the first ever Azerbaijani woman who received a PhD in child psychology. She was teaching at the Azerbaijan pedagogical University.

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

On the photo: Onegin Gadzhikasimov brother and friends

The apartment in which the family lived Gadzhikasimova was in a former merchant’s house, it was expropriated during the revolution. Later, in 1978, the house was demolished, after there built the city party Committee, then it was transformed into the presidential Palace.

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Onegin Gadzhikasimov to serve in the Navy

In the family of Onegin had four children. Two older brothers from his first marriage on the maternal side and the two youngest from his second. Onegin was the first child from the second marriage. There is some indication that children from the first marriage there were three, but one of them died at an early age.

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Onegin Gadzhikasimov brother Nizami

Interestingly, all the brothers found themselves in the creative professions (except Junior). One of the elder brothers entered the directing Department in Moscow, the second was an Opera singer and starred in films. Onegin became a famous songwriter. The younger wanted to be an actor and wanted to go to an Institute, but due to family circumstances, was forced to give up income and went to work on the line of the district Committee.

		Онегин Гаджикасимов: жена и дети, личная жизнь

Onegin Gadzhikasimov became a very popular songwriter in the USSR. Works created by talented composers who used his poems were performed by famous singers. In addition, the poet translated a lot of foreign songs in Russian language.

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