One-year-old son Marat Basharova seriously ill

Годовалый сын Марата Башарова серьезно болен The youngest heir of the actor picked up the infection in Turkey. Night heir Marat Basharova started coughing and covered with a rash. My parents had to call an ambulance.
Годовалый сын Марата Башарова серьезно болен

For several years Marat Basharov happy in a relationship with Elizabeth Savercool: two years ago, the beloved actor gave birth to son Marcel, and some time later the couple were married. Today a young mother seriously scared followers of his microblog with news that during a holiday in Turkey baby picked up a severe infection.

Doctors diagnosed the boy with “false croup”, stemming from which the child starts coughing, and he even begins to choke.

“With the advent of children, the concept of happiness changes dramatically. For me it is when the child is healthy, fed and happy. We third night without sleep and the second night in a row, call an ambulance. All the worst start in the night: restlessness, and then cough like barking, and all because swelling of the larynx, all accompanied by allergies. And then abruptly wanted to go home, but I understand that there is no sea, no sun. And once in Turkey to go more do not want to, second time here and second time very ill. And all because of a children’s hotel as the camp. A bunch of kids, a lot of infections,” wrote Elizabeth in a microblog.

Soon the boy will turn two years old. While the couple announced where they will celebrate the occasion. Lisa claims that the son is much like his father. “Externally, it is still more a Marat. When he was born, was all a copy. Comparing their baby pictures, you may notice a surprising similarity. Even the shape of the ears are the same. But the character Marcel your. Now seeks what he wants. Need daddy’s screwdriver, climb into the wardrobe, opens the door tight and get. It is unclear where strength is taken,” – said the wife of the TV presenter “StarHit”.

Marat Basharov: “Lisa and I are waiting for children”

Itself Marat Basharov works a lot, so he rarely get to spend much time with the family. The actor also communicates with her daughter from a previous marriage, Amelie. She was familiar with his half-brother. “Amelie runs to us every day because her school is nearby. Calls in after school, has dinner, plays with Marcel. For the new year holidays traditionally flew the whole family to ski. I’m happy that Marcel respects her and cares for things sisters. When it comes to her room, subconsciously understands that these are toys and books Amelie – they cannot just pick up and throw,” said the artist.

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