Один инструмент вместо двух: названы 3 самые востребованные модели дрелей-шуруповертов

Drill driver — tool, without which it is difficult to do during repairs, lock replacement, furniture Assembly, pulling wires and a number of other situations. But what will be really a good choice and will not make you regret the money spent? With this question we turned to the experts the price-aggregator E-Katalog. After analyzing the activity of the audience of the site, they identified among the more than 800 models of drills the five most popular (as of Nov 2016).

Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus

Один инструмент вместо двух: названы 3 самые востребованные модели дрелей-шуруповертов

Powerful drill driver with two speed (maximum — 1 900 rpm). Its torque is 63 Nm, and a very serious indicator. The model is fitted with a Keyless Chuck 13 mm, allowing drilling in metal holes of the same size. In the same tree, and other relatively soft materials Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus is capable of drilling diameter up to 38 mm (of course, this will need a large drill bit). The device is equipped with a high capacity battery 4 Ah, the included replaceable battery. The brake motor ensures the immediate stop of the cartridge of the drills and the system of protection against overloads and overheating extends the life of the device, making the process of its operation more secure.

Found in the section “Drills and screwdrivers” on E-Katalog Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus, you can see that its price in online shops starts at 6 200 RUB.

Hitachi DS12DVF3

Один инструмент вместо двух: названы 3 самые востребованные модели дрелей-шуруповертов

High quality, reliable and inexpensive model of the middle class. It has two speed and can accelerate up to 1 050 rpm Maximum drilling capacity wood 25 mm metal, 12 mm. In contrast to other models in our ratings, the Hitachi DS12DVF3 is equipped with a bright flashlight and a Nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 1.4 mAh (included is and extra battery). These batteries are durable and resistant to low and high temperatures, what can be said about Li-ion. However, Nickel-cadmium batteries have a so-called memory effect, so to maintain the original capacity they need to be charged and discharged up to the end.

Online price from 4 800 RUB.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS

Convenient and compact drill driver with a weight of only 800 g. In the tree, it can drill holes with diameter up to 20 mm, metal up to 8 mm Due to the crop body and the flashlight that the screwdriver is convenient to use in tight spaces. Ultimate speed drills — 1 400 rpm, maximum torque of 34 Nm. There are two speeds. The use of a dual cartridge (under the bat and Keyless) makes the Metabo PowerMaxx BS is a multipurpose device and increases comfort of operation. The battery capacity of 2 Ah (kit two) provides a decent autonomy, and proprietary technology Ultra-M guarantees economical use of energy.

Online price — 6 300 RUB.

Note: data on the cost of drills has provided the price catalog on the Internet E-Katalog, information was current at the time of writing.