Одно лицо. Известная дочь Ксении Раппопорт выросла ее копией
Fans of Aglaia Tarasova was struck by the youth and beauty of the mother of the actress.

Aglaia Tarasova and Ksenia Rappoport

Photo: Instagram

Star “Interns” Aglaia Tarasova likes to emphasize that its
mother — a famous actress Ksenia Rappoport. And not because
is in tension.
Quite the contrary, the mother and daughter soul is not
fer each other. Just Aglaya always
tried to achieve a vocation in acting
the world itself, without the assistance of family ties.
That’s why, when Tarasova was published
the joint with Ksenia on the page
in the social network, he was immediately
appreciated by the fans. Particularly struck
followers of the actress how they with mom
similar. The same wavy unruly
lush hair, the same oval face, the lips,
nose… For many was the discovery that
Rapport — mother of Aglaia.

By the way, Ksenia already
met Milos Bikovich —
a young man of Aglaia, with whom she
found for about a year. Aglaya and Milos not
once officially announced their
relationships — lovers for a long time
looked at each other. Xenia
told about how to treat
the chosen daughters. The actress shared,
that Milos won her from the first minute
communication. A positive impression of
29-year-old actor from Rappoport happened
after texting that Bykowicz wrote
future mother-in-law even before the first meeting.

“In life it is very
charismatic with a good sense of humor!
— said Xenia. — During the first
Dating no one is ashamed really.
It was a human being, because he
knows how to joke. Before that Milos wrote
I text, where he wrote: “Hello,
you Kseniya Rappoport? I’m a fan of your
products.” To which I replied: “We
products very pleased!”