One of the stars of this year’s children become “first-graders”?

У кого из звезд в этом году дети стали «первоклашками»?
Celebrity has told how preparing for 1 September.

У кого из звезд в этом году дети стали «первоклашками»?

Photo: @alxmel Instagram Alena Khmelnytsky

This year the ranks of star pupils seriously added “recruits”. Several Russian celebrities became the parents of first-graders. The first call we heard today for the youngest daughter Alena Khmelnytsky — Xenia. The actress was anxiously waiting for this day, but her daughter did not show wild enthusiasm for school. “School tomorrow!” — said Xenia. It’s only the beginning…” — said on the eve of a school ruler Khmelnytsky.

У кого из звезд в этом году дети стали «первоклашками»?

Alexey Makarov with daughter Barbara

Photo: @makarov_alexey_ Instagram Alexey Makarov

Dad first-graders again this year was Grigory Leps. His son Ivan went to the first class of an elite school in Barvikha, where he studied his older sister. The first class went: daughter of Alexey Makarov — Barbara, the eldest son of Zerah Daniel, daughter Svetlana Loboda — Evangelina, middle son Natalie — Anatoly, the son of Viktor Drobysh — Daniel, and a daughter of Andrey Merzlikina — Evdokia.

У кого из звезд в этом году дети стали «первоклашками»?

Svetlana Loboda with her daughter me, was really exciting

Photo: @lobodaofficial Instagram Svetlana Loboda

Alain Vodonaeva puzzled by preparing son for school last spring. The presenter carefully approached to the choice of school: the long-planned, Alena decided to give Bogdan a “normal” school, located close to home. A few days before school started, father gave to his first mobile phone. Former husband of the star was not seriously to spend money on equipment for first-graders, which Vodonaeva seriously worried. “Alex believes that for the first time need a simple phone that he bought. I think not only about calls, and I remember how in my childhood, girls who had Barbie dolls we considered outsiders… you Know what I mean?” — said Vodonaeva.

У кого из звезд в этом году дети стали «первоклашками»?

Alena Vodonaeva with his son Bogdan

Photo: @alenavodonaeva (Instagram Alena Vodonaevoy)

The son of rapper Guf and ISA Anokhina — Sam also went today to the first “ruler”. The parents took a risk and postponed the collection to school on the last day of summer. “We are 2 hours gathered together, plus a dad’s suit from London muddied. I was worried that nothing will. Semik already asleep, gathered his backpack, and does not even suspect that tomorrow will begin new life!” — said ISA.

Son Gufa and ISA Anokhina — Sam

Photo: @aizalovesam Instagram ISA Anokhina