One of the sisters Zaitsevs miraculously not died

Одна из сестер Зайцевых чудом не погибла The singer walked down the front stairs of his house and stumbled. In that moment next to her was a sister Elena, who called the ambulance. As a result, Tatiana Zaitseva had the surgery by inserting titanium posts.

      Одна из сестер Зайцевых чудом не погибла

      On seven sisters Zaitsevs continue to roll in misery. In November she had buried the only son of Alexis and could not recover. However, she found the strength in January and baptized only grandson Maxim. All like was adjusted, but the family was expecting a new blow. This time almost killing yourself Tanya. She walked down the front stairs of his house, lost his footing and flew head over heels down. In that moment next to her was a sister Elena, who called the ambulance.

      “I vaguely remember how it happened, – shares with “Stricom” Tatiana Zaitseva. – I was taken to City hospital No. 31. The doctors were shocked by what they saw. Compound fracture, shoulder and arm turned inside out. Had surgery: put titanium pins. The first time I could not sleep because of the pain. No medications helped. The husband said that on the day of the tragedy he entered the room — on the floor lay the broken mirror. As if a sign of some sort”.

      Now about the injured singer care close – Tatiana surrounded by care and attention. Despite terrible pain, she continued to work and already being involved in various shootings. Zaitsev and tolerates fallen on her unhappiness, trying to be optimistic and hope for the best.

      For example, after learning about the need to put in operation the titanium pins, the singer jokingly asked only one question – will it endure the inconvenience of passing through metal detectors at the airport. Tatiana regularly flies to Cyprus to work together with her sister, but because this issue is very relevant.

      Recall that in November last year in a family of sisters Zaitsevs, a tragedy happened in the accident tragically killed the son of Tatiana. A few months after the incident, the mother of the young men still grieved his passing, and will need to support.

      Tatiana Zaitseva lost her son

      By the way, like all twins, sisters Zaytsev have a strong spiritual connection. As young girls, they entered and finished the all-Russia creative workshop of variety art. After the resounding success that was aroused among the Russian public artists song “Sister”, they have long disappeared from the scene. During this time, the fate of the bass not just intertwined, they passed through many hardships, but succeeded in many respects. “Too many had to overcome and endure, too much to regret, but at the same time, so much for which we will always be grateful to our twisting the fate — one for two…” – the sisters said in an interview.

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