Одна из близняшек Олсен закрутила роман с пожилым кавалером
Ashley Olsen followed the example of his sister.

Одна из близняшек Олсен закрутила роман с пожилым кавалером

Ashley Olsen

Photo: Fotodom.ru

George Condo

The Olsen Twins
continue to surprise fans. 30-year-old actress and designer Ashley Olsen appeared in the popular new York restaurant Baltazar in the society of an elderly gentleman. At first, until they found out the visitors decided that the table is located dad with a daughter, and one of those “late” parents. But, looking closer,
found that the couple tenderly held hands. Besides, the man all the time
something gently whispered the lady to the ear, and she coyly giggled. After dinner, Ashley and her companion — he was 60-year-old artist George
Condo left the restaurant together and left in an unknown direction…

that Ashley’s new novel, began to spread since then, the actress has suddenly ceased to appear in society Director Bennett
Miller, who met the last two years. But now, after the first
official joint publication of the 30-year-old Ashley and George Condo, the identity of the new boyfriend is fixed. It seems that the age difference is almost
in 30 years of lovers does not bother. However, former mate Ashley Miller is not young: he’s already
celebrated his 49th birthday.

So it looks like
tastes of the Olsen twins converge absolutely everything, including selecting
the Cavaliers: both prefer older men. Because Mary–Kate sister Ashley, chose a life partner is also not
boy. Brother of ex-President of France Olivier Sarkozy, whom she started Dating in 2012 and whom she married three and a half years later, just turned 47.

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