Один из самых красивых мужчин Голливуда празднует 40-летие
Alexander Skarsgard celebrates anniversary the role of Tarzan.

Один из самых красивых мужчин Голливуда празднует 40-летие

Alexander Skarsgard

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Alexander Skarsgard, who is now
turning 40 years old, was born to be an actor. How could it be otherwise? His father
Stellan Skarsgard (the same one that played bootstrap bill Turner in “pirates of the
Of the Caribbean”), one of the most famous Swedish actors wanted sons
continued the dynasty. And five of his eight children — Alexander, bill, Gustaf, Sam and Walter
followed the example of his father, becoming the actors. Not surprisingly, the brothers Skarsgard
nickname in Hollywood “the Swedish Baldwins, alluding to the fact that their acting
the family were not less numerous than
the clan of the relatives of Alec Baldwin.

The most famous of the brothers Skarsgard had a chance
to become elder – Alexander. Although his first role, he was “under the patronage”: the first job the boy gave the other his father,
Director Allan Edwall. First appeared on the set in seven years, young
the actor immediately drew the attention of the public, and power brokers of the film business. And to 13 years
Alexander was a native of Sweden star. But to be famous, oddly, he
did not like, and so that he decided to leave the profession. And as much as 10
years of vacationing from the movie.

On the set he came back only 23
years after he served in the army and spent six months at the University
in the British Leeds. And then another 6 months in a new York College, where he studied
acting. The first role Skarsgard after a long break was to work in
the Swedish TV series “Happy ending”. At home Alexander
managed to turn a trick in a movie and work at the theatre until he decided to go to Hollywood. The conquest of America was given to him without much difficulty. A breakthrough was the role of the Sergeant in the TV series “Generation kill” (2008). It was followed by
the least successful work in the vampire TV show “True blood”. Since then
Skarsgard can not complain about the lack of roles. He starred in
action movies — like “Sea battle”(2012)
or “Group “East”(2013), and in films such as “Melancholia”
Lars von Trier… And this year, he captivated spectators around the world, appearing on
screens in the role of brawny Tarzan in the film Tarzan. The legend”…by the Way, to
put himself in the right roles to form Skarsgard almost half a year got up at 4 am for a few hours
day worked in the gym and ate only high protein food. And “pumped”,
thus, almost 12 pounds well toned muscles that made
him even more irresistible in the eyes of his fans!

The success of the fair sex was
guaranteed Alexander young. To resist
blonde, blue-eyed “Viking” growth of almost 2 meters, can almost
no. No wonder his homeland five times awarded the title
“The sexiest man in show business”. So in order to find
a girlfriend, Alexander never did. He attributed novels with Amanda
Seyfried (in 2008) with Evan Rachel wood ( in 2009), Katie Holmes ( in 2014)… And
his love story with actress Kate Bosworth lasted for three years. In may
2015 Skarsgard appears in public
in the company of a handsome British TV presenter Alexa Chung. And, according to
gossip, their relationship became so serious that Alexander
preparing soon to make your girlfriend offer.

Один из самых красивых мужчин Голливуда празднует 40-летие

Stellan Skarsgard and Orlando bloom in “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Alexander Skarsgard in “Tarzan. Legend

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