Один из фанатов забрался на сцену, не на шутку напугав Бритни Спирс

Last Wednesday the 35-year-old pop singer Britney Spears concert took place at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. During her performances on stage have got a foreign man and began to dance. It immediately neutralized the security of the singer, but she’s not really scared because thought had a gun.

Один из фанатов забрался на сцену, не на шутку напугав Бритни Спирс

The incident occurred last Wednesday, during the concert of Britney Spears when she graduated to sing her song “(You Drive Me) Crazy”. In the video, filmed by one of the fans, the singer was scared, because the stage was up a man that would attract her attention. Not long I think, the actors were immediately surrounded by men and kept it till that time until he came to the guard Britney. She surrounded the singer for her safety.

“What’s happening? What’s wrong?”. After asking a couple of questions, its security, which suddenly appeared on the scene and stirred up singer, and came to see the concert fans, the singer was seriously scared, “he had a gun?”. Her microphone was immediately cut off and sent Spears in a safe place behind the scenes. Loyal fans have followed the singer shouts of “We love you!”, that would support the artist.

Один из фанатов забрался на сцену, не на шутку напугав Бритни Спирс

The man still didn’t have the gun, who was so scared of Britney. The man had a big problem with security, even hit one of the representatives of the defense, while playing wheel. Muscular man team of dancers performer surrounded the man from all sides that he would not be able to escape before they come. At that time, as the enemy withdrew from the stage, he was accompanied by angry shouts of fans “Jerk!”. After a man was taken from the theater, he was even able to put one of the guards on his knees.

The law of the city of Las Vegas, which was a concert of Britney Spears, found that the man made his way to the stage, was 37-year-old Jess Webb, who behaved inappropriately during speech. He politely asked me to leave, but in response, the man jumped on the stage. He was arrested for trespassing immediately after the incident.

“The 9th of August 2017, an officer of the LVMPD arrested a 37-year-old Jessie Webb for trespass during a concert of Britney Spears. The guard asked Webb to leave the event after he climbed on stage and began to dance. Webb was transported to the infirmary.” it was written in the statement.

Before his performance, Britney left a warm message for his fans on Twitter, “So nice will come back to Vegas!! #PieceOfMe returns tonight!”. The singer promised to return again on Friday.