One of participants of group “inveterate Swindlers” is in a coma

Один из участников группы «Отпетые Мошенники» находится в коме

The contractor Andrey Repnikov, one of participants of group “inveterate swindlers” for two weeks in a coma. The wife of the artist Love has admitted to journalists that the treatment of husband she’s got simply no money, and all that remains is to pray for his recovery and hope for a miracle.

Один из участников группы «Отпетые Мошенники» находится в коме

As it became known, 45-year-old singer, one of the famous trio, June 23, was involved in a serious accident. Returning from the country singer didn’t choose the safe speed and somewhere in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, his car flew into a ditch. Andrew suffered multiple fractures and immediately fell into a coma. Doctors performed several surgeries to restore facial bones and ribs, but on the condition of the singer is not affected – he is still in serious condition.
Repnikova wife complained that funds for further treatment of her husband with no family. She had already turned to caring for help by posting relevant posts on social networks.

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