One of Alexei Glyzina he remembered the sins of youth

Друг Алексея Глызина припомнил ему грехи молодости Musician Alexander Dobrynin told me how Alexei Glyzin drank and walked. The singer still lived with his mother, but took home the girls and friends were treated to a drink. About that time friends remember with a smile.
Друг Алексея Глызина припомнил ему грехи молодости

The theme of the new edition of “Tonight” became a vocal-instrumental ensembles – the popular bands of the 70-80-ies of the last century, which left many supersvelte artists. Including Alexei Glyzin. For almost a decade, starting in 1979, Glyzin was a soloist of the ENSEMBLE “Jolly fellows”, performing the smash hit of all times and peoples “don’t worry, aunt.”

I must say that this ensemble has worked many musicians: Alla Pugachova, Alexander Gradsky, Vyacheslav Malezhik, Alexander Buinov. Alexei Glyzin stayed in the team for nearly a decade. When he left guppy, his place was taken by singer Alexander Dobrynin, famous for her performance of greatest hits “Pink roses”. He, like many of the soloists and the makers of the most popular Soviet VIA 70-80, was a guest of the Studio of Yulia Menshovoj and Maxim Galkin. The musician recalled how he began a friendship with Lisinym. Alexander said that Alex taught him how to properly drink alcohol.

“Call me in a communal apartment in the month of October and said, “sweetie, to me”. I’m going to the metro station “Babushkinskaya”, go out, watching Alexei goes with a beautiful girl. Went to him, and his mother said: “Again, Alex brought the girl”. Well, Lyosha gets the girl. Here Glyzin suggested to drink some vodka, and I didn’t know what vodka is. He took the bottle, fried eggs with bacon, we said it all. I first went to the kitchen, and in the morning realized that the spine was paralyzed. And Alex, I suggested, “let’s Go to my bed. Get down to the carpet, me on the other side will fall.” Saved me”, – said the musician.
Друг Алексея Глызина припомнил ему грехи молодости

The ambiguous story was supported by Vyacheslav Dobrynin: “And then you went to the ensemble “Blue guitar,” said people’s artist, than I laugh all the Studio. “If I knew you were going to tell this story, so disgrace the name, I wouldn’t have come”, – said the musician.

By the way, Alexander Dobrynin has nothing to Vyacheslav Dobrynin, although in 80-e years, many believed that the first son is the second. “Everyone said that I’m his father – remember Vyacheslav, – I did not know about it. The birth of a child the mystery of the mother”, – joked the artist.

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