«Одна – некрасивая, у второй – омерзительный голос»: Земфира раскритиковала современных кумиров Zemfira reacted strongly to the comparison of young performers with her and Renata Litvinova. The singer lashed out Buckwheat and Minutochku. According to the artist, both girls are deprived of musical talent.
«Одна – некрасивая, у второй – омерзительный голос»: Земфира раскритиковала современных кумиров

The idols of today’s youth, whose videos on YouTube channels often break records of even the most venerable artists by number of views, not always find response in the hearts of honored musicians. So, with sharp criticism fell on Elizabeth Minutochku and Anastasia Buckwheat the favorite of the generation 90- Zemfira Ramazanova.

The subject of sharp remarks was the recent joint interview of young performers, after which they compared with the Duo of Renata Litvinova and Zemfira version 2018. “I honestly think that Nastya will be more abruptly than Zemfira. Zemfira is a very complex person, closed, unclear,” said Monetochka.

But according to Ramazanova, both girls are mediocre.

“Will Express an opinion. Buckwheat – very bad. Horrible voice and looks. Is difficult to perceive – not able to sing, the lyrics are not convinced, well, very ugly. Monetochka – great lyrics! Looks fine unlike the buckwheat, but the voice is hideous, the vocal timbre of the same tool, if it is pleasant, you can sing nonsense. Example: Zhanna Aguzarova. Good luck to both,” – said Zemfira.

The whole country learned about who this Buckwheat only February of this year, and in March she performed in the show “Evening Urgant” with the song “love me, Love me”. However, it is worth noting that the chorus of the song belongs to the band “dirty rotten scoundrels”.

Already in April, “love me, Love me” performed by Buckwheat was published in YouTube, then 18-year-old talent suddenly woke up famous.

«Одна – некрасивая, у второй – омерзительный голос»: Земфира раскритиковала современных кумиров

Just a couple of years of Elizabeth Gudymova, she Monetochka from an unknown girl who lived in Yekaterinburg, has become the idol of generation. The compositions, written by singer appreciates music critics.

The first album of Moniecki became a sensation. Some reputable publications have called this disc one of the main events of 2016. She Monetochka was not ready to such success. In addition to laudatory reviews, she had to face a wave of negativity.

So, many accuse Lisa in the banality of the lyrics and excessive mannerisms of execution that gave rise to comparisons with Renata Litvinova.

Published by Zemfira post sparked a wave of outrage among fans of the young performers. Zemfira didn’t stay aside and decided to answer the critics.

“If I don’t like the look people, I say I don’t like. Play music millions of people. “Lookism” – a terrible word. There are those who I like and there are those who don’t like you . You don’t like me?” – Ramazanov said later.

Made a speech and Buckwheat. “Thank you, Zemfira, for her opinion, I love her work and respect as a person,” she wrote.