Один на двоих: Митя Фомин познакомил своих детей In late December, the singer celebrated the birthdays of godchildren in the Metropolitan restaurant. They had two daughter Tanya Tereshinoy ARIS and the son of a hockey player Igor Volkov, Igor.
Один на двоих: Митя Фомин познакомил своих детей

“Since the boy lives in Kaliningrad, we see each other infrequently – says “StarHit” Fomin. – I offered to do a General holiday in Moscow, to introduce children”. Before something to buy the kids, Fomin consults with their moms. “Igor the terrible mod: it is interesting not only designers and machines, but also sneakers, hoodies known brands. And lately all he wants as I have – and shoes, and hairstyle. I’m flattered, but it’s a big responsibility – you need to apply the right example”.

Один на двоих: Митя Фомин познакомил своих детей

With the godmother’s daughter and her mother Tanya Tereshinoy Mitya is found constantly. “Tanya raises ARIS like a real Princess – a hair, dresses, dolls, but the girl, to everyone’s surprise, he became fond of cars and designers,” says Mitya.

From the presentation, organized by parents on the occasion, the birthday was thrilled. At the entrance visitors are greeted by life-size puppets in the form of emoticons, then there was a show of trained poodles and paper, a master class on postcards, battle robots… the Singer took all active part, encouraged children.

“Both, by the way, like the work of the cross, smiles Fomin. – Especially Igor. To the question, what is your favorite song that says: “Mitya”. It is very funny. His mother says that her son often asks to put my tracks in the car. In two years he loved, “Behold now, I love you,” and now in the display “Close”. The position of the cross is very honorable – trying to get children to feel my presence and participation. Invited them to the concert at the Backstage restaurant March 16, 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of creative activity”.