One after the other! Stars continue to give up meat

Одна за другой! Звезды продолжают отказываться от мяса
Dilbar Fayzieva and Lora Reznikova spoke about his food.

Одна за другой! Звезды продолжают отказываться от мяса

Dilbar Fayzieva

Photo: Instagram

Famous vegetarians said about why they
gave up meat. Presenter Dilbar Fayzieva not consume neither meat nor
fish products, and actress Lora Reznikova is pescetarian, it is not
eat meat, but eat seafood. How they and other stars have come to this,
and that is giving them — learn from the horse’s mouth.

“I became a vegetarian about five years ago, already
after moving to Moscow, when there was an opportunity to build
your diet, says Dilbar Fayzieva. — Some time later, after refusing
the meat I felt a positive change. Noticed that appears
ease, the body cleansed and well-being has improved markedly. I have tried
a raw food diet in the summer when you want fresh vegetables and fruit, but understand
it’s hard for my body, especially in our region, where in
September-October the sun is out, one of the most important for me sources of energy.
Again wanted some heat-treated foods. By the way, my young man
carnivore, but I respect his choice, and he was mine. Sometimes we eat together in one dish.
For example, soup with vegetable broth or rice, which I adapted for myself,
the taste is not inferior to the traditional recipe. In parallel I started
yoga. I made a small excursion into the history of vegetarianism,
yoga. I think that this is a lifestyle that involves complex
approach. Noticed when I stopped eating meat, became much quieter, at least
irritable, and wanted after such physical purification of some
spiritual. Went to the occasional chanting of mantras. There energy is really powerful.
So, spiritual development is an integral part of the transition to vegetarianism
and no meat, everything is interconnected.”

Lora Reznikova

Photo: personal archive of the actress

Lora Reznikov, the actress admits that she, too,
close fashionable in recent years, power system.

“The meat I didn’t like even before it became fashionable,
it always seemed to me tasteless, but occasionally I was eating it, — says the artist. —
Was transformed after a visit to the Indian
Kerala — places, where, thanks to the ancient science of Ayurveda, people heal the
different illness. And a month stay in India, during which
the only food was only rice, fruit and cakes made of water and flour, apparently
reprogrammed my body. The meat began to seem inedible and
unattractive. However, several months later I again decided to add
this product is in your diet at least sometimes — my beautician was horrified after learning
what I don’t eat it, saying that it deprives the body of essential nutrients and affects
the condition of the skin. No pleasure from eating meat, to put it mildly
received and decided that if so, then the body knows best what he needs.
He waved his hand at the recommendations and then finally stopped eating meat. And
what is surprising: the most surprising changes I noticed not in the body but in soul
the condition is, how are the circumstances of life. Believe it or not,
like, I felt a significant difference in mood, worsened
intuition, luck, and had some ease in making the right decisions.
Most often vegetarians be very different — starting from
ethical, and humanistic considerations. I have these people always
evoked sympathy and admiration, but I came to eating meat on the other
side. As you can see, my body was wiser than the mind.”