On Xenia Sobchak has attacked with accusations

На Ксению Собчак накинулись с обвинениями Fans could not believe that the presenter left the baby in the night without his attention. Ksenia Sobchak took part in the filming of the movie than has caused anger and condemnation from some subscribers. However, many were quick to defend the young mother and felt that she didn’t have to sit constantly with the baby.

      For the life of the popular and leading editor of one glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak with interest the millions of fans. Now her persona is even more interest – almost a month ago she first became a mother. Many fans are happy to see how celebrities cope with motherhood – difficulties and concerns. However, Ksenia Sobchak does not spoil their subscribers with this information. Those who closely followed her life, I know now that TV presenter was very inconvenienced maternity leave, but because at every opportunity she tries to break social event or party.

      Ksenia Sobchak said the “nightmares” of maternity leave

      Recently, Sobchak has taken part in the filming of “the Myths about Moscow.” In order to participate in the film she sacrificed sleep.

      “Few to whom I trample night in Tsaritsino. But it is Yes. The most talented, young and real”, – Xenia has signed a joint photo with the Director of the film Alexander by Molochnikova.

      However, this publication provoked a flurry of criticism of the celebrity. Many could not believe that she left the infant in the night to go to the set. Unhappy with the behavior of the young mother was ruthless and openly condemn her attitude to the newborn baby.

      “Xenia! You have a baby?! What raids?”, “Why give birth, if the child is more important than the secular party”, “what about Sonny?” – asks some.

      However, not all have been so categorical. They fiercely defended the right of Xenia to do all that she wants. Fans felt that she was doing the right thing and not sacrifice their interests for the sake of round the clock to keep an eye on the child. They were delighted that TV presenter returns to his normal life.

      “Surprised by some comments: it’s like the baby is cross for life, like a child someone else to sit can’t…”, “Life is over if that! Good, what about yourself and your Hobbies are not forgotten. And then mother after bezvylazno sit at home, right tupeyut eyes, and more than anything, except diapers, I don’t know and I don’t think”, “Well the baby is sleeping, he, in fact, still – at-home mom or not,” defended some followers.

      Apparently, she was happy to work on the set – she gladly shared working moments and enjoyed the fact that it gradually returns to full work.