On the stage there was a group — “Ivan-International”

На эстраде появилась группа — «Иван-International»
13-year-old Ivan Yuzhakov conquered the jury of the show on NTV.

На эстраде появилась группа — «Иван-International»

Denis Ivan

Photo: NTV

13-year-old Ivan Yuzhakov from Bashkortostan impressed the viewers and
members of the jury of the “You’re super!” after one of the biggest hits of Russian
the pop scene. The boy chose the song of group “Ivanushki International”, which to
this day is not losing positions. Although the popular boy band performed the hit three,
Ivan coped alone.

To support the talented members came to his idol — former
the participant of a duet “Tea for two” Denis Klyaver. At the very beginning of the project when
Ivan just arrived in Moscow to participate in the competition, he said that it was his
favorite artist and even with pleasure showed the t-shirt with his

Denis Klyaver, Stas Pieha and Ivan

Photo: NTV

The famous singer admitted that he heard, even though not
saw the artist, because he was behind the scenes. “Despite the fact that I love you
not seen, but only heard in front of me was the full picture
performances. It says that you can listen with closed
eyes, you are able to convey to the audience their energy. You have
sincerity and talent — keep it up, when you’re a star, mate!”, wished
Van Denis Klyaver.

Seeing what an impression the young singer made a star
members of the jury, Vadim Takmenyov offered without delay to organize a boys band
“Ivan International”. The new group became Ivan Yuzhakov, Denis Klyaver
Stas Peha — every try on the role of one of “Simons”.
The new “classmates” performed the song and even came up with my signature
dance. In the end, with them all dancing members of the jury and the audience.