On the stage of Ramtha continues “the Summer ballet seasons”.

На сцене РАМТа продолжаются «Летние балетные сезоны».
Prior to the completion of the festival was 10 days.

На сцене РАМТа продолжаются «Летние балетные сезоны».

“Swan lake”

Photo: Press service

Remains very little time before the calendar autumn. And therefore to the moment when you have to say goodbye to the XVII “Summer ballet seasons” until next year. Prior to the completion of the festival is coming in just 10 days.

In the same year, the audience already watch the performances of the Voronezh Opera and ballet theatre, which first participated in the project, showing the audience just 7 of their productions.

In addition, in the play “Romeo and Juliet” theatre of classical ballet ” ART-Yes,” was attended by young and talented soloists of the Paris Grand opéra Antoine possibly injured and Geremi Lou Coeur. Lou-Coeur was not the first time participated in the “Summer ballet seasons”. Last year, he brilliantly performed leading roles in productions of “the Nutcracker” (Prince) and “don Quixote” (Basil).

And in the beginning of August to please modern choreography and new interpretation of “Swan lake” was able Marcelette Luigi and his team Compania Nazionale . The second play performed by Italian guests of Seasons was the play “From tango to Bolero” to the sounds of Argentinian tango, Italian serenades and Spanish Bolero.


Photo: Press service

Hurry up and have time to appreciate the performances of “the Nutcracker”, “Cinderella”, “don Quixote”, “Sleeping beauty”, “Giselle”, “Romeo and Juliet” – the staging by legendary choreographers Asaf Messerer, Leonid Lavrovsky, Vasily Vainonen, Alexander Gorsky.

Close of the XVII “Summer ballet seasons” the main Russian ballet “Swan lake”.

Performances of “the Summer ballet seasons” are traditionally held in the Russian academic Youth theatre (RAMT) located in the heart of Moscow, on Teatralnaya square, near the Large and Small theatres.

All performances are accompanied by orchestra.

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