На съемках «Мастера и Маргариты» Анну Ковальчук не узнавали одетой
Director Vladimir Bortko has told how was difficult for the actress shooting in the famous TV series.

Anna Kovalchuk

The star of the series “Secrecy of the investigation” Anna Kovalchuk not once had to participate in a complex set. But work in the film Vladimir Bortko “the Master and Margarita” Anna will never forget. Especially one day when we were shooting the scene of the ball at Satan’s. As you know, in the work of Bulgakov, Margarita greets the guests Voland completely naked. The creators of the film, despite scrupulous adherence to the letter of the novel, afford it could not because the show was filmed for TV channel “Russia”, and on TV quite stringent requirements on the display of nudity. So the costume designers came up with for Anna Kovalchuk kind of “armor” — the details of the knight’s costume. That’s what says about that film Director Vladimir Bortko:

“When I was offered Kovalchuk for the lead role at first I was skeptical, but after meeting Anna, I realized that this Margarita. She had everything she needed for this role: talent, beautiful figure, a person of that time — the beginning of the last century. Central scene — Bala — shot in a huge pavilion. Anna almost all the time was naked. And this all are so used to when she was dressing, she just didn’t know. Of course, elements of costume she had. We hoped that the film will look and children. And the artists came up with for the heroine of the details of the knightly suit, the iron crown, chain. It was all very heavy — Anna calculated that sixteen pounds, although it seemed to me, no more than ten. In the Studio was freezing cold. On the street just frosts hit, and the pavilion is not heated. We Anna put a heat gun under which she could lie and warm up in between shots. Kovalchuk was lying — to sit in the metal could not, and to put on and take off all that metal gear was a very long time. Anna is one of the most patient Actresses”.

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