На проекте «Дом-2» назвали «Человека года» For seven weeks bitter battle was fought for the prestigious title and a valuable prize. Now the winner will receive an apartment in Moscow, and will begin to build a career in show business. The final of the competition escalated to the limit the nerves of the participants and spectators. First place was taken by the wife of Gleb Zhemchugova, Olga.

      For the right to wear the proud title of “man of the year” on the project “Dom-2” fighting 32 people. However, before the final managed to get only four of them, Olga Zhemchugova, Marina Afrikantov, Andrei Cherkasov and Fedor Strelkov. Each of the participants for five qualifying rounds, which lasted for seven weeks, and passed various tests. However, the final word about who will be awarded the honorary title, put viewers. Their votes determined who deserved to be the “Man of the year” of the project “Dom-2” and receive an apartment in Moscow, and will begin a career in show business.

      All the spectators breathlessly watched the finale. When they announced the results of the competition, everyone immediately began to congratulate Olga Wind, the wife of Gleb Strawberries. She received 29,63% of the audience votes. The second was was Fedor Strelkov from 27.25%. Marina Afrikantov, who took the second place, having received of 21.88%. In fourth place was Andrei Cherkasov. The participants of the reality show, thank fans for voting.

      For seven months each of the participants tried to prove why it needs to vote, many fans of the TV show. The producers of the project came up with creative tasks for the finalists. The participants sang songs of different genres to show their talents.

      “My Princess, Olga the Wind, I congratulate you! You’re “Man of the year 2016 ! Son happy sleep, said to tell you “thank you”! You’re the champion of my world,” wrote heartwarming greetings to Oli her husband Gleb.

      “My greetings to you, I kept the Cams for you, you’re the winner, you’re very clever, I’m very happy for you, love your family” congratulated “Man of the year” another participant of the project Olga Rapunzel. The girl said that the wife of Gleb Strawberries really worthy of the first place and the main prize.

      We will remind that Olga Zhemchugova appeared on the project, being the lawful wife of Gleb Strawberries. They raised the little son Misha. During the life under the eye of numerous cameras, the couple proved that their relationship can be considered almost perfect. Family quarrels arise, in recognition of Olga, because of the flirting Gleb with the other participants of the reality show. In order to become more attractive in the eyes of the man she loved, Olga decided to have cosmetic surgery for breast enlargement. Now she’s happy with the result and proud of his appearance.

      “I saw her on the dressing, it is swollen, swollen, but “standing” so, beautiful. At least now “they” I had not hang. Now I can’t lift weights, tanning, exercise, baths and saunas are prohibited. And then you can remove the brace and walk in the light t-shirts, as linen is not recommended to wear after the first month, because the chest still takes the desired shape. Month through two-three I’m going to buy nice new underwear sets!” – said the participant of popular reality show immediately after the surgical intervention.

      Fans admire the family of Gleb and Olga and congratulations to a woman to win.

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