На Лолиту Милявскую подала в суд ее продюсер и композитор
Popular singer again mired in legal squabbles.

Elena Kiper and Lolita

The author of some compositions Lolita the site and
part of her producer Elena Kiper has filed a lawsuit in the Arbitration court
capital. The essence of the treatment is to admit the information is not relevant
reality and discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of the producer.
The first hearing will be held on April 11.

According to the district court, the lawsuit stated
requirement “for recognition (information) untrue,
discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of the Keeper E. V.”. On the other
the information and details is still unknown.

We will remind, on February 27, 2018 Lolita posted
in social networks a video where he said that he had received a complaint from a lawyer Kipper,
who was the producer and author of a number of her songs. It was a requirement to remove from
social networks saying “a more brazen creature I never saw.” According to
Lolita, the requirement to remove the statement referred to the Internet edition,
which is included in “news media”: this resource was published by its words.

Earlier, the singer published in Instagram video, where he spoke about
that the Keeper pushes it against them. As described Palladium,
the plaintiff demanded that it be removed from the Internet post Lolita with the statement that she considered offensive. Palladium in
turn, accused Elena of fraud with the author’s deductions.