On the eve of the divorce Agata muceniece met with the ex-lover of her husband

Накануне развода Агата Муцениеце встретилась с экс-возлюбленной мужа
The actress is afraid that Paul Priluchny kicked her out of the house.

Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny

Photo: Social networks

Recently the Network has released a new edition of “Priluchny everyday life” — vloga (video blog) Agatha muceniece. This video was filmed just a few days before the actress announced a “pause” in relations with her husband Paul Priluchny. Fans of the spouses who could not understand the reasons for the quarrels spouses who have carefully studied the footage from the family the life of a couple and seem to have found the answer to this question.

Fans assume that Agatha and Paul argued on the basis repair. Not so long ago they purchased an apartment in an apartment building and started arrangement of another family nest. In the story about a trip to the hardware store muceniece admitted that her husband prefers modern design, and her want of classics in the interior. In addition, between spouses could be financial disagreements. “Something I don’t fit into the budget… I feel that Pasha will kick me out of the house” — honestly video muceniece.

It is interesting that in the video was also shown footage of the meeting Agatha’s ex-girlfriend Paul — actress and producer Renata Piotrowski. With her Priluchny met before, began his love affair with muceniece. “Maybe it’s Renata contributed to the breakup of Agatha and Paul?” — I assume the fans.

By the way, recently the media spread the news that often Priluchny allegedly gave his wife cause for jealousy. According to anonymous friends of the couple, Paul often slept outside the home and had “a passing fancy”. Muceniece commented on these rumors, laughing at that, as usual, the most interesting thing about his life learns from the press.

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