On the eve of the birth of Ksenia Sobchak “disappeared” rounded belly

Накануне родов у Ксении Собчак «исчез» округлившийся живот
The presenter shared another provocative picture.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: xenia_sobchak (Instagram Ksenia Sobchak)

It seems that Ksenia Sobchak gets an incomparable pleasure from the hype around her pregnancy. In any case, the impression that the presenter deliberately attracts the attention of the press and fans for its provocations.

In the microblog Sobchak once again appeared the which a pregnant Xenia “lost” rounded belly. It happened right before the birth. Changes to the figure of the controversial stars, on the ninth month, didn’t go unnoticed by fans. Under a portrait of Xenia began a heated discussion on the topic of “disappeared” belly leading. Some even mistakenly thought that Sobchak has managed to give birth to her first child. In fact, she simply once again resorted to using photoshop to hide her pregnancy.

Photo Sobchak looks especially ridiculous after a recently posted video by Natalia Ionova. It Ksenia demonstrated on camera his quite large belly. By the way, recently Svetlana Bondarchuk started the rumor that the presenter is expecting twins. She posted on the social network photo where shot with Ksenia, and in the signature put the image of two kids. Many regarded it as an allusion to the fact that Sobchak could become the mother of two children at once.

If so, it is doubly surprising that the expectant mother does not allow himself to relax: she not only continues to lead various events, but also manages to be at the premieres of the films and the opening of the exhibition. On top of that, the TV star has been repairing in his country house, where equipped children’s room.