On “the Eurovision” Russia will be represented by the favorite of Alla Pugacheva

На «Евровидении» Россию представит фаворитка Аллы Пугачевой Julia Samoylova will go to Kiev on the main musical contest of the year. The girl remembered seelam and listeners to participate in the TV show “Factor A”, where it said the Diva. Since then, the young singer successfully performs and records new songs.

      For several months now, fans of “Eurovision” are speculating about who will represent our country at such a significant song contest. For a long time, various experts made their assumptions, but this topic was enriched with new rumors. It was said that to speak on Russia will go to the winner of the show “the Voice” Daria Antonyuk. Then was discussed the candidacy of Alexander Panayotov, and many other very talented and popular artists. However, the name of the person who will go to Kiev in may, announced only now.

      As it became known later on Sunday evening, March 12, to perform at the prestigious music contest “Eurovision” will be Julia Samoylova – the singer, who uses a wheelchair. This singer was selected First channel to participate in the song contest. Julia Samoilov will perform at the contest song Flame Is Burning (“fire”), the words and music of which was written by Leonid Gutkin.

      “StarHit” phoned to the singer to congratulate her on the important and joyful event.

      “I’m happy, it was the dream of my life, I pretty much said in interviews that seek it to “Eurovision”, – said Julia. And I’m so glad it’s finally going to happen…

      …Talking about that, I may be able to represent our country at this competition went even with my speech at the opening of the Paralympic games in Sochi. Many noted my emotions, my execution. Then began to consider that maybe I get the chance to go to Eurovision. I immediately liked the song I will sing. At first I did not understand the meaning of the text, as not mastered English. But when shown the translation, I realized that it was written about me – to go to his dream and achieve what you want. The other songs participants of “Eurovision” this year I have not heard yet, it was not for this time, I do all the time and rehearse”.

      It is worth noting that Yulia Samoilova became famous after their participation in the project “factor a” in 2013. Inimitable voice fragile girl going on stage in a wheelchair, did not leave anyone indifferent. Julia Samoylova was a favorite of Alla Pugacheva, Chairman of the jury and chief mentor of the project. The diva did not conceal that Julia is one of her favorite girls on the show. The student of Alla Pugacheva will have a difficult operation in Finland

      To a wheelchair 27-year-old girl chained since childhood to the consequences of incorrectly vaccinated. At the end of last year Yulia Samoilova had a serious operation on the spine, the money that it collected the fans in social networks.

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      And not so long ago the singer in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” told about life after the project “Factor A”, the communication with Donna and attempts to restore health. A pupil of Alla Pugacheva about the operation: “Now I can not be afraid of strangulation”

      “At the moment I’m fine, rehab is going according to plan. I don’t need financial aid, but I need viewers and listeners. I hope that my songs will find its fan and would dig me with someone in the soul. I am grateful to all the people who helped me with the surgery and would like to return this good to the world,” admitted Julia Samoilova “StarHit”.