On the day of the birth the Cord got a favourite car of Leonid Brezhnev

На день рождения Шнур получил любимое авто Брежнева

Luxurious gift – the iconic Chevrolet Bel Air 1955 release for 6 million rubles, Sergei made his wife Matilda.

The red machine with white wings and a signature nameplate-airplane on the hood now is to ride on the streets of St. Petersburg, the admiration of passers-by. He was her master unknown. But this is the model that was in the legendary high roller Leonid Brezhnev. As you know, the Secretary General was just obsessed with expensive foreign cars.

However, the Cord behind the wheel of a cool car is unlikely to sit down: he knows how to drive, but driving privileges he is long gone. And get them re a musician is not going: the role of personal chauffeur for many years, performs beloved wife Matilda.

So the 43 gift for anniversary husband Mathilde chose a rather. And I must admit, a truly Royal car will be a worthy replacement BMW Alpina B6, which went to this Matilda. Recall that the foreign car the unknown set fire to 3 March this year. And so far from repair it never came back.

“Such a machine is not less than six million rubles, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Petersburg collector of vintage cars. – In St. Petersburg, just four pieces, Shnurov will be the fifth. This machine is the coolest. A roof without a rack in the middle, between the side Windows. This car 1955 issue, which is very much appreciated. We are not in the same cabin of such machines do not buy, they carry from Finland, Sweden, the United States, at least, from Moscow. And only under the concrete order”.

Indeed, the cost of such a model on the us portal carsforsale.com specializing in the sale of retreat, comes to $129 995, in rubles is 8 million 665 thousand rubles!

By the way, the car is not the only surprise that the musician got on his birthday. Was a big red cake with figure of a musician on top. And at the end of the festival Sergei took a dip in the Jacuzzi, in the arms of… no, not with my wife, and with a bottle of forty-degree drink. So the Cord continues vigorous, young and true to form, although abuses alcohol only on holidays.

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