On the channel “Friday!” mocked a new job Helena Fly

На канале «Пятница!» высмеяли новую работу Елены Летучей Transition popular leading to another button made a lot of noise. In social networks appeared a collage, the creators suggest that now Bat will be involved in the Christmas lights and other concerts with participation of stars of the different eras.
На канале «Пятница!» высмеяли новую работу Елены Летучей

Monday, October 30, it became known about the new appointment of Helen Bat. The star will be leading a new project of the First channel “the Sweeney” and will test socially important facilities — schools, clinics and kindergartens.

The first channel has officially confirmed the appointment of Helen Bat

However, the representatives of the channel “Friday!” reported that a celebrity has signed a contract with them until 2019. The broadcaster was accused of Volatiles in violation of the terms of the contract. According to the documents, stated to journalists the General Director Nikolay Kartozia, Elena had no right to negotiate with other employers. Otherwise, “Friday!” claim to 50% of income leading.

The official Instagram channel appeared meme, which played up the situation. After some time, the publication was removed.

Meanwhile Elena herself Flying said its lawyers are working on the termination of the contract. In recognition of the leading, it is surprising the attitude of the previous employer, to whom she devoted so much time and effort. Star said that after the departure of “Revizorro” she received no job offers from the company.

“The first channel supported a project which I live. It is extremely important to me and I think that will have value for all people in our country and not only. I also want to comment on the attacks of the TV channel “Friday”, which I am very unpleasantly surprised, because I for so many years and health has given the channel and the program “Revizora”. I am not a person of the channel more than a year, and during that time I have not received any proposal to conduct any of the programs. Despite this, I will act within the law. Honestly, it is unpleasant and unfair,” said Bat in his video.

Add that on 1 November will see the premiere of the new program “Revizorro-Medicine”, which aims to validate institutions that provide medical services. The name of the successor to the Helena Bat is not called, wanting to keep the intrigue. According to the press service of the TV company, the transfer will lead medical journalist.