На кастинге «Дома-2» произошла жестокая драка In mass media appeared information about the incident, the perpetrators of which was wishing to become a member of the popular reality show. Girls staged disassembly with the use of physical force, as a result, one of them was in the hospital.
На кастинге «Дома-2» произошла жестокая драка

At the end of last week on the casting of the reality show “Dom-2” serious passions. Participant selection is not a joke alarmed and attacked one of the competitors. Not sure what she was mad other girls, but their attacks were very strong.

According to some reports, the 26-year-old victim lost consciousness. The girl was urgently hospitalized. She was diagnosed with a concussion.

The incident occurred on March 16 in the building, located in Samora Machel in Moscow. It is the official casting willing to become a member of telestroke. Social media users condemned those who staged disassembly. In the opinion of many, they received unworthily.

“Dom-2” is broadcast on TNT in 2004. Prime Minister to continue the popular reality show took place on may 11. On the set of project constantly there are scandals. Participants telestroke often find out the relationship using physical force. The fight to “the House-2” provoke more interest from the audience. However, as has told to journalists, ex-member Sasha Weiss, for such method of conflict resolution prescribe penalties. Particularly aggressive young people can and do ask you to leave the perimeter.

During the whole period of existence of the TV show appear regularly successfully petitioned to close it. Some users of social networks called the “House-2” immoral project, as well as to doubt the adequacy of the actions of the participants.

In February in mass media there was information that a 12-year-old student tried to disrupt the shooting telestroke: 32-year-old mother of the child regularly watched “House-2”, which caused his negative reaction. The boy thought about how to stop the production of new releases. As a result, he made a call about the explosive device. Employees reality show urgently evacuated, but only for a short period of time. The next day work on the project continued.

In mid-March, reality show again attracted the attention of journalists. This time the occasion was the controversial casting ended in a showdown and fight. According to REN TV, after that, the victim went to the police. Currently, law enforcement officers are checking on the incident.