On the brink of divorce Keti Topuriya told about how upside down her life

Оказавшаяся на грани развода Кети Топурия рассказала о том, как перевернулась её жизнь
The singer gave fans hope for a reunion with her husband.

Keti Topuria with his daughter Olivia

Photo: @keti_one_official (Instagram Katie Topuria)

Daughter Katie Topuria recently turned two. The singer, who, according to rumors, is now on the verge of divorce, and, according to some, has already started divorce proceedings, touching congratulated Olivia happy birthday. The actress became a mom in 2015, admitted that the birth of a daughter has completely changed her existence. Katie is grateful to Olivia for change, which she has brought into her life.

“Exactly two years ago you changed my life… You made me a mother. You made me happy. You are my love. Livy, thank you for choosing me… our family!” congratulated daughter Topuria. This last comment gave fans Katie the hope that she still intends to reconcile with her husband — Lev Gamanam.

Recall that the differences in the family Topuria appeared as mom Katie, due to travel for work, the wife of the singer. The couple did not stand the test of distance. The husband of singer spent a lot of time in the States, at that time, as the soloist lived with her daughter in the capital. In addition, in January of this year there was a scandal because of the “romance” with Katie rapper Body. In the Network appeared information about the fact that the stars are supposedly Dating and even went on holiday to Thailand, where they filmed the paparazzi. However Topuria has denied speculation that she cheated on the spouse. “My husband and I haven’t broken up. And with a Body and a group of Center we’ve been friends for a long time, even before the songs together, we have a very good relationship, we communicate. We did not rest together, and the photos not me!” — she said then.