On the background of the disease Lera Kudryavtseva began to rapidly lose weight

На фоне болезни Лера Кудрявцева начала стремительно худеть
As the presenter concerned about her fans.

На фоне болезни Лера Кудрявцева начала стремительно худеть

Lera Kudryavtseva recently flew to the sea. Now microblog TV presenter opened several shots, showing her figure in a bikini. It is worth noting that Leroy is now in an unprecedented form. Last spring, the Network discussed the pregnancy Lera because of the slightly rounded shape of a star. And now, many have noticed that the treatment of herniated discs Kudryavtseva markedly postroila. Moreover, she continues to lose weight rapidly.

Some of her fans are very worried about the health Lera, because we believe that the TV star is losing weight not intentionally. “So fragile was…”, “Lera, everything will be fine, it is necessary to take itself in hands and not to lose weight anymore”, “lost weight… Health, and more health”, “Disease plagues her at all,” write ler fans.

By the way, in the comments, the fans also continue to Express our condolences to her separation from her husband — Igor Makarov. Although the star refuted the information that she broke up with her husband. According to rumors, the cause of the quarrel was a betrayal of hockey. But Valerie denies that in her family there are any problems. According to Lera, her husband was at sports camp, so couldn’t go with her on vacation.