На Снуп Дога и Уиз Халифу подали в суд травмированные фанаты

Musicians Snoop dog and Khalifa Wisu will have to answer for the unpleasant incident that happened at their concert.

17 victims served on rappers a class action lawsuit, which requires the compensation for the injury.

The victims accuse the performers and organizers of concerts in failing to provide adequate security measures that would guarantee the safety of every person who came to the concert. Yet the damages the victim is not appreciated, not decided what will be the compensation for the incident. I assume we are not talking about dozens of thousands of dollars. For example, one of the victims sustained a fracture of the spine.

Recall the incident in question occurred on August 5 concert rappers in the state of new Jersey.

The fence that separated the crowd from the musicians, at one point couldn’t handle the pressure and simply fell. With him in the orchestra pit flew a crowd of people. many were injured, but, as we have seen, not all decided to present musicians of the charges.

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