On Regina Todorenko attacked in the slums

На Регину Тодоренко напали в трущобах
The presenter told us about how she was attacked in Bangladesh.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: from personal archive of Regina Todorenko

Returning home from far
travel, one of the brightest stars of the travel show “heads and Tails” Regina
Todorenko recalls their adventures, marveling at itself — whether it was
not a nightmare?

of course, it happened, — said TV presenter. — Once in Bangladesh, in Dhaka,
I was stoned. It is a Muslim country, and there are clear rules
dress code: girls should wear long dresses that cover the shoulders and legs, and the head — scarf. And I was without a headscarf.
The dress was on the floor, but it is small incisions, a little opening
calf. And local immediately began to throw stones at me. We were in one of the roughest areas in the slum have
railway. Every half-hour train passing by, from Windows on the move
taking out the trash. Often these trains mislead people. Immediately next to the corpses,
play safely children, for them it is the norm. In General, there are not the happiest
people, hence the anger, which they vented on me. Then the children
surrounded, prevented the pass. I gave them candy (I had a whole backpack) — and then the fight started. Children literally fumed and raged — wrappers first, then me. Knocked to the ground, broke
dress, and slit, of course, was already above his knees.”

According to Regina, operator and
Director who, after several years of filming been for her native people, does
do not rush at the same moment to her defense. They go out and shoot!

it’s interesting to the viewer, it action! believes Todorenko. But there are cases
when they still have for me to stand up. For example, in Johannesburg
right in the centre of the city ran up to me, a young colored man, began to snap
hands to pull the backpack, shouted: “Give me the money!” Only our operator helped me to fight back. But he still did not stop to shoot.”

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