On pregnancy Anastasia Kostenko cashing scammers

На беременности Анастасии Костенко наживаются мошенники
In the network appeared the advertising of weight loss products on the model.

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Kostenko, who after a couple of months for the first time will become a mother, found in a Network of fraudsters who are trying to cash in on her name and “interesting situation”. The wife of Dmitry Tarasov allegedly encourages people to lose weight, which she bought to lose weight after childbirth.

“My dear, you all know that we have with Dima about to have a baby says in the ad. We look forward to this moment, but now I wonder how I will look after delivery and how quickly will be able to get in shape as I was before. It’s so much work dumped after the birth of a child, and I will not be here to sport and exhausting diets. Among my friends from show-business is very popular now this course (here the name). He has helped many to throw extra pounds before the summer or after childbirth. Ordered them in advance of the course. Want to quickly get in shape and to please her husband, what you wish for!”

The sellers of course claim that for the whole course, you can lose up to 20 pounds overweight. The tool is a soluble powder of the alleged all natural ingredients with different flavors, which, when applied to the stomach, “ignores” it and prevents overeating. Interestingly, the recommendations to eat for efficiency, the results suggest to reduce your intake to 1200 kcal per day and to do sports.

“I’m sorry my name cheat people! — said Anastasia. I’m always for proper nutrition and sports. And no training of the products, especially postpartum lactating mums, I do not recommend!”

Interestingly, this complex really sometimes advertise stars. In the official account remedies for weight loss there are photos of Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, Anna Khilkevich, which are holding the original box of course. By the way, these stars are repeatedly told that to be slim is helping them solely sports and nutrition.