On Mariah Carey sued

На Мэрайю Кэри подали в суд

After a sex scandal with producer Harvey Weinstein, who molested many famous Actresses, accused of almost every Hollywood star. In that time, as the career of the famous actor Kevin spacey is destroyed, and soon ed Westwick, singer Mariah Carey also accused of harassment and racism. The former security company, the singer even plans to file it in court.

На Мэрайю Кэри подали в суд

Head office Michael Anello is going to sue the famous singer due to the fact that not infrequently humiliated him. Mariah didn’t hesitate to rush into it with such words as “Nazi” or “skinhead”. “She wanted to be surrounded by black guys and not white,” said Anello.

It turns out that not one Michael had been abused, but other employees, which a lawyer Anello is preparing a lawsuit against the singer. The company provided its services to Hollywood stars, from June 2015 to may 2017, during which the workers are constantly subjected to insults from her. With the filing of a lawsuit. another mystery, and it became known that the singer even dared to molest Michael. She invited the man to his room under the pretext of “move the Luggage.” In the end, Carey met him half-naked and in a light robe. The singer hinted the owner of the company to the sex, but he did not succumb to provocations and left.

На Мэрайю Кэри подали в суд

As you know, representatives Mariah has already contacted a lawyer Morello and even offered money, but it did not suit him. Currently, the trial was suspended, because both parties to regulate the conflict extrajudicially. Perhaps we are talking about money.

The situation with the former security company is not the only cause of stress singer. Recently the singer decided on surgery for weight loss. The singer has reduced his stomach to lose unwanted pounds. Mariah decided not to comment on criticism from the public about her lush forms, but at heart was very unhappy, and decided to take such drastic measures. “Mariah was always proud of his forms, but this summer during the tour she noticed that it became harder to dance. She also worried that making fun of her in social networks due to the extra weight,” says an insider.

Cary decided to abandon exhausting diets and sports. No part of the stomach, the singer will be satisfied faster and eat less. As reported by the media, the surgery was one of the elite clinics in Beverly hills. Fans appreciated the change is already the first of November. Then the singer appeared on the red carpet at the Chinese Theatre cinema in Hollywood in a black slinky dress. Her waist was much smaller and a protruding abdomen sunk into non-existence.