На Люка Бессона подали в суд

Famous French film Director Luc Besson has not once got on the court date. Most recently, he was acquitted of the charges in the attempted rape of a young actress, and now he will once again be on the bench of the defendants.

На Люка Бессона подали в суд

But this time, Hatch is accused of not sexual harassment, and in the non breeding deer.

The Federation of hunters of the Department, located on the North-West of France, filed a lawsuit against the Director. Things that Luc Besson belongs to a large area in trinité-De-Molding, which in the last year have increased the deer population. Male not specially bred animals, but do not follow their number. Federation of hunters systematically pay penalties and reimburse the losses of farmers who suffer from a large deer population in the area.

Besson was outraged and commented on the summons thus: “Among the disputes about the crisis of ecology and biodiversity, affecting the entire planet, the Federation of hunters asking me to kill a deer, which simply passes in front of my house! Maybe I still their children to invite to join us?”

Unfortunately, the hunters stood their ground and insist on compensation. In their opinion, Besson is obliged to pay 122 thousand euros for the extra 70 individuals living on private land.

What the outcome of this dispute, we learn 30 September 2019, on the date of the scheduled hearing of the ship. And how you consider, whether the rights of the Director and is there really a need to artificially lower the population of animals?

I want to remind that in November of 2018, five women contacted police with allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of the filmmaker. Over time it became clear that all the charges were invented by a young French actress, had a disagreement with Luke.

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