Lerchik was reported to the police Not everyone is happy with the success of the millionaire blogger Valeria Chekalina, the famous like Lerchek.

They wrote a statement to the police about Lerchek The other day a woman presented her new cosmetics, organizing a meeting with subscribers on this occasion in the elite village of Moscow, where she lives. At the same time, Chekalina promised her audience that a car would be raffled between those who came to the presentation. “A statement was filed against Lerchik to the police” />

As a result, more than 2,000 people arrived for a free car. Such an influx pleased Valeria, she admitted that she was counting on 100-200 guests, but here such a success! Chekalina communicated with fans, gave away her products, took pictures and signed autographs. As it turned out, the neighbors of the blogger did not like such a rush, noise and crowds of people, they immediately wrote a statement to the police.

Lerchik was reported to the police

As a result, Valeria and her husband were summoned to the police station, an investigation was launched, following which the woman faces either a fine or 15 days. The trial is to take place tomorrow, and Chekalina, in tears, turned to the subscribers, asking them not to come to the court building in order to provide support, as she was afraid to receive another subpoena. However, she could have not shared what happened at all, then no one would have gone to court anyway.

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