На юную ведущую детского «Ревизорро» Ирину Ух напали с ножом This week shooting the TV show took place in Yaroslavl. The project team “Revitalise” faced stiff opposition from local residents. According to the information channel “Friday!”, instituted two criminal cases.
На юную ведущую детского «Ревизорро» Ирину Ух напали с ножом

The film crew of the program “Revitalise” (a children’s version of “Revizorro”) was attacked in Yaroslavl. The incident occurred when the presenter, 16-year-old Irina Wow, went to check in the café, located on Liberty street. TV crew proceeded to the kitchen of the barbecue, he met stiff resistance.

As the press service of the channel “Friday!”, the cafe owner and unknown men were strongly against the check and force pushed Irina and her colleagues on the street, threatening to health and life. One of those who attacked the film crew, pulled out a knife and waved it in front of the young leading. “I have you all can cut”, he said.

“After the attack the owner of the cafe and a group of unknown men at the leading of Irene Yi left a few bruises and bruises, the operator dislocated his shoulder, and the administrator of the group was bitten on the leg by the chef” – said the TV channel.

The project staff immediately contacted law enforcement. While the TV workers were in the police station, the bus channel had been stolen expensive camera equipment, documents, money and personal belongings. Close to midnight, they managed to return.

According to the press service of “Friday!”, for the attack on a film crew and obstruction of journalistic activities was initiated two criminal cases. Head of Department of the MIA of Russia for Kirovsky district of Yaroslavl Peter Khovanskii provided correspondents with the support of special vehicles with flashing lights. They Wow Irina and her colleagues drove to the station.

“I want to Express my sincere gratitude to the investigators that turned out to be the only one aware of the situation in the city and can solve problems that everyone thought unsolvable. Thanks to our colleagues-journalists who sounded the alarm, and forced to spin the wheels of justice a little faster. And we would have spent at the police station all night. Thanks to all concerned!” – said the producer of “Revitalise” Oksana Shcherbakov.

Note that this is not the first case when the channel crew is faced with aggression during their work. So, this summer, the young leading Irina Wow lashed out at one of parks Dmitrov. His staff was extremely dissatisfied with the video. “With such aggression I faced for the first time!” – said Irina. She and her colleagues immediately called the police, and then wrote a statement.