On duty nurses: 7 best Sunday of the fathers of show business

Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса After the divorce, the children often remain under the same roof with their mothers, but that does not stop the fathers to take an active part in the life of the heirs. Readers of “Stargate” has made a rating of the most touching dad of our show-business.

      Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса

      Not all fathers live with their children under one roof after the divorce, but this does not prevent them to be caring and loving parents. Many representatives of show business manifest themselves as touching the Pope and attentive, even though often communicate with the heirs in the distance. They know everything about what their child is thinking, what motivates, what’s the plan builds on life and what makes him sad. These were the heroes of our ranking.

      1 place

      Denis Klyaver

      Son Timothy and daughter Evelyn

      In September 2013, the singer became the father of many children – his wife Irina gave birth to son Daniel. However, because of tours Denis can’t often see the older 14 – year old Timothy from his marriage to dancer Julia and 10-year-old Evelyn, a daughter of eve the Shouting.

      “Despite this, we are constantly in touch by phone. And when my son vacation, he goes with me to concerts, ” says Denis. – My daughter also visited a children’s event. Recently got into the Museum of man “Living systems”, Evelyn was thrilled to clearly see what’s inside the human body”. Denis confesses that the grateful ex-lover and her mother for raising her daughter.

      “Malishka we have a real lady,” says Klaver. – Love all things bright, fashionable, beautiful, but at the same time she is modest and gentle girl. Last year asked him to give her the iPhone 6s Plus, but I doubted whether to buy such an expensive phone? Besides, he’s as big as a TV! But my daughter rested – I want it. Bought… For the year on the gadget a single scratch. Understands what it takes to take care of things, to respect the work of others”.

      2nd place

      Sergei Zhorin

      Son Sasha

      Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса

      Most star lawyer Sergei Zhorin and his 7-year-old son Alexander would like to travel together. Despite her young age, the heir of the eminent lawyer, together with my dad has managed to visit Italy, Denmark, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia and other countries. “Sasha and I adore to ride on bikes, going to the cinema and the Theatre of cats of Yury kuklacheva, – says the lawyer. – It is easy for us together, because Sasha is my copy, we are just the same. If he is playing around, for example, throws toys, even to punish can not, because itself in the childhood was the same way”.

      Sergey confesses that he was proud of son. “He engaged in combat, visiting the pool, teaches English, says Zhorin. – Alex is a busy guy, boredom for me he has no time. And I love him infinitely and get… Sometimes, I look and I can not resist, you begin to squeeze, kiss on the cheek, and he wipes the place where I kissed, like dad, how romantic!!” Sergey is sure that the son still did not understand that parents are no longer together.

      “In his picture of the world everything is clear: dad works, mom Natasha, my first wife, deals with them. Time I pay him a lot: as much as would if we all lived together”, – says Sergey.

      3rd place

      Roman Chernitsyn

      Son Artem

      Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса

      Mom 10-year-old Artem, singer Irina Dubtsova, the soloist of group PLAZMA divorced in 2008, but the musicians are still friends. “My son and I meet at least once a week,” says Chernitsyn “StarHit”. – Artem is obsessed with these stunt scooters, spend all weekend at the skate parks. Once a year traditionally go to Volgograd to see my parents, they live in the country”. The novel recognizes that the gifts to each other with the son agree in advance. “Recently, he wanted an RC drift car, and birthday asked for a new helmet, – says the artist. – I fulfilled his wish: the boy was happy.”

      The novel recalls that when Artem was a kid, repeatedly struck up a conversation about the reunion of their family. “He said it would be great if we again lived under the same roof, but after my explanation accepted. Ira and I do everything that Artem did not feel flawed because of the fact that we’re not together”.

      4 place

      Evgeny Kuzin

      Son Mitya

      Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса

      First born on the project “Dom-2″baby – Mitya, the son of Eugene and Margaret’s Cousin Agibalova, – now lives in Cyprus. His mother moved with her second husband Paul and her daughter Bella on a Sunny island. But this does not prevent the father of 6-year-old boy, who is now in the Seychelles, to communicate with his son. “We’re talking through the day on Skype,” says Eugene. – Before leaving came to pick up the Mat and go shopping. Ask: “What kind of toy you want, son?” And he’s businesslike: “I determined on the spot.” So funny from the baby to hear…” Eugene notes that one birthday for two makes them with a son very similar.

      Margarita Agibalova was accused of abuse against ex-husband

      “Mitya’s my best friend – said Kuzin. – He’s smart and quick-witted boy, love the designers and the better I understand the tablet. Sure, a little more – and we will be able to communicate with him on equal terms.”

      5th place

      Vitaly Gogunsky

      The Daughter Of Milan

      Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса

      “I not only father, but also a Friday, and the Thursday – laughing star of TV series “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky. – Try to spend with my daughter every free minute regardless of the day of the week. Yesterday, for example, was filming the next edition of the show “one to One!”, Milan stayed with me the whole day: then at the hands of sat, on the couch, watching. Closer to the night I say, “Go home, tired!”, but she seemed: “I will not leave my dad!” Vitaly admits that 6-year-old daughter loves to watch it on TV. “Her mother, Irina says that, seeing me, Milan runs up and starts kissing the screen saying: “Daddy’s my favorite”. I am proud that in its early years the daughter is already asking me very adult questions: asked what the cold war how many people died in the battle for Sevastopol… She’s a fan of Michael Jackson, and I – apparently, it’s hereditary. Loves to ride the carousel, she likes zoos and trips out of town.

      Wife star of “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky has told how he was waiting for her 6 years

      6 place

      Aleksey Chadov

      Son Theodore

      Дежурный нянь: 7 лучших воскресных отцов шоу-бизнеса

      To the delight of fans of Aleksey Chadov often shares in his blog a photo with his son Fyodor, from his marriage to actress agniey, Ditkovskite. Despite the fact that the couple broke up when the baby was just a year old, the child does not experience lack of communication with the father. In their year and 10 months Fedor even managed to make a trip to Dubai with my dad and uncle and part of the cross of Andrew.

      Alexey Chadov: We agniey has maintained a good relationship for our son

      Alex imparts to the son a purely male hobby – taking the child in his arms, allows him to drive the car, plays soccer with him. Father and son love spending time outdoors this winter they often went out and made snowmen. Alex does not like to dwell on his personal life, his ex-girlfriend Agnes commented: “If did not work, it should be civilized to disperse to a gap of parents had no effect on the baby.”

      7th place

      Artem Mikhalkov

      Daughter Natasha

      With the mother of his only child, the owner of the PR Agency Daria Mikhalkov, actor and Director divorced in the spring of 2013. “Natasha and I talk on the phone almost every day and see each other mostly on weekends, – says Artem “StarHit”. – Go to Church, the movies, the guests. Recently my daughter was a vacation and we spent a whole week at our dacha outside Moscow. A lot of walking in nature, talking… Natasha made me a chocolate pudding, which I, alas, was not able to try – fasting”.

      The actor is closely watching the progress of the daughters of seventh. “For good grades praise, criticize the bad, but not much – says Mikhalkov. – In General, I’m not worried about her studies, because I know that she is clever and in good hands. Her homeroom teacher once taught me maths is a very strong teacher. In her free time Natasha idle is also not sitting: attends art school, yoga. Earlier still was fond of dancing, but eventually she did lose one’s attraction”.

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